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1 Samuel The Eastern sheep-fold is an enclosure, open to heaven, with a small place of shelter at the back, and enclosed with a rough, stone wall. You have reading more interesting than any novel that was ever written, and as instructive as the heaviest theology. The defense of David by Jonathan and Michal (19:120:42), C. Davids Flight from Sauls Pursuit (21:128:2), 1. 1Peter 5:4. Please see Blue Letter Bible's Privacy Policy for cookie usage details. in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry. Ezekiel The character and the history of Saul form a striking and affecting study; although, as our author remarks, 'in comparison with the other scripture memoirs, but little has been written on this piece of biography.' Both the introduction and the notes are distinct contributions to the better understanding and higher appreciation of the literary character, features, and beauties of the Biblical books treated. 1 Samuel Jeremiah Davies was educated at the University of London. 10:17-27;Hero Worship:In our hearts, we are never to allow spiritual leaders to take precedence over God. Originally compiled as a study-guide for University examinations,A Key to the Books of Samuelprovides concise exposition that explicates authorship, historical context, semantic meaning, and parallel structure across books. Romans 13:8-14; 1 Sam. It gives the closing picture of one of the most disastrous failures. It was in this context that the prophet Samuel made his appearance, and a most important one it was. The International Critical Commentary. 1 SAMUEL / 2 SAMUEL Evangelical Commentary on the Bible- editor Walter Elwell (1989) 1239 pages. 11:14-12:5;Modeling Godly Character:To earn the right to be heard, we must consistently model godly character that refl ects the life of Jesus Christ. 24:20). Further, Nathan and Gad were prophets of the Lord during Davids lifetime and would not have been alive when the book of Samuel was written. His treatment of the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David is helpful, even if it lacks depth that a thorough knowledge of human personality would enhance. In the introduction to the first volume, the author reminds us that the purpose of telling a story is to make it come alive for the hearer, but also warns us about letting the main point get lost in details. When the narrative begins -- 1100 - 1050 B.C. 1 Samuel Commentary, Sermon, Illustration, Devotional, TIMELINE OF THE BOOKS OF A definitive in depth resource on this subject. Davies utilizes the Septuagint, Latin Vulgate, and Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia for clarification on textual arrangement, semantic variation, and historical context. 15:29 Zadok and Abiathar carry the ark back to Jerusalem, 1 Samuel 19:11 Davids house surrounded -- Psalm 59:1-17, 1 Samuel 21:1011 David seized by Achish -- Psalm 56:1-13, 1 Samuel 21:1222:1 David escapes from Achish (called Abimelech inPsalm 34title) -- Psalm 34:1-22, 1 Samuel 22:1(possibly 1Sa 24:3) David in cave -- Psalm 57:1-11; Psalm 142:1-7, 1 Samuel 22:919 Doeg the Edomite -- Psalm 52:1-9, 1 Samuel 23:1415(possibly)Desert of Judah -- Psalm 63:1-11, 1 Samuel 23:19 David betrayed by Ziphites -- Psalm 54:1-7, 2 Samuel 8:114 Victory over Transjordan -- Psalm 60:1-12, 2 Samuel 1112 Against house of Uriah -- Psalm 51:1-19, 2 Samuel 1517 Absaloms revolt -- Psalm 3:1-8, 2 Samuel 1517(possibly)Desert of Judah -- Psalm 63:1-11, 2 Samuel Victory over all enemies -- Psalm 18:1-50, Judgment Begins at the House of God1 Samuel 2:1136, Arkeological Discoveries1 Samuel 5:17:1, CovenantAccusing and Assuring1 Samuel 12:1-25, Glory to God in the Highest and on EarthThud!1 Samuel 17:1-58, The Shadow of the Almighty1 Samuel 18:1-9:24, How Do You Spell Security?1 Samuel 20:1-42, Even Now Many Antichrists Have Come1 Samuel 22:623, This Is the Day! (Brothers, We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering) (Bolding added), CHUCK SMITH . 2 Samuel 5:17-25, 21:15, 23:8 Oh For the Water of the Well of Bethlehem! It offers brief explanation of some main problems, such as the number judged at Beth Shemesh in I Samuel 6:19ff. Although David was forgiven for his sin of adultery and murder after his confession (2 Sam. The majority of the action recorded in 1 and 2 Samuel took place in and around the central highlands in the land of Israel. ''Though Moses and Samuel stood before Me, yet My mind could not be toward this people'' (Jer 15:1). Volume 1 - Examining the intimated relationship and history between Israel and Judah, Maximilian Geneste provides extensive commentary on the composition and arrangement of the text, historical context, and elucidation of reiterated motifs. He was handsome to look at, he was tall and of a noble mien. William J. Deanewas Rector of Ashan, Essex. 8:10-22;God-Centered Decisions:In using the freedom God has given us, we should always make decisions that are within His will. As I have read portions of his sermons on texts concerning election and effectual calling and perseverance he is uninhibited in his affirmation of what we would call the doctrines of grace.What Simeon experienced in the word was remarkable. Excellent Resource to supplement your preparation for teaching and preaching. Jonathan made an everlasting covenant with David (1Sa 18:3; 20:15,16; 23:18): ''He stripped himself of the robe that was on him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.'' Johannine Writings He probably was the founder of a school of prophets (cf. (Read Rom 1:3 and Rev 22:16 for two examples. 1 CHRONICLES / 2 CHRONICLES The author provides extensive notes for critical explanation and analysis of key topics. 1Sa 17:45, 10. 1 Samuel 27:56 What is the significance of Ziklag in the Bible? Contrasts of Faith and Failure, Chapter 21. 6:67 The Lord strikes Uzzah dead for holding on to the ark, 2 Sam. 1 Samuel 23:6-14 Beware of Circumstances! The Ammonites were descendants of Lot (Gen. 19:38) who lived on the Transjordan Plateau. There are those who think they are "all right.". 10,000 annotations; doctrinal summaries, "Life Helps" section relate doctrine to everyday discipleship. God had called Israel into a unique relationship with Himself; and God Himself was Israel's King invisible. He dates the dividing of the kingdom as 931 B. C. Regarding textual matters, Laney does not overlook the lacuna of I Samuel 13:1 as he states that great benefit can be gleaned from the LXX in a study of these two books. is clear, due to the many references to Israel and Judah as distinct entities (1 Sam. 1 Samuel; Principle #1; 1 Sam. 1 Samuel begins with the cry of a mother. As a result there was moral corruption and God warned Eli of the downfall of his house. 22:51). NIV archaeological Study Bible(2005) 2360 pages950 ratings(See also Archaeology and the Bible - OT and NT), NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible. 8:2, 3). GDPR is the new European privacy regulation, which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and the equivalent legislation across the EU Member States. 1 Samuel; Principle #10; 1 Sam. F. B. Meyer(18471929) was educated at Brighton College, University of London, and Regent's Park College. They are models of chaste, subdued, but powerful preaching., A Critical History of the Life of David by Samuel Chandler, 1853. A child was born in Bethlehem of the tribe of Judah. Who were they? 1 Samuel; Principle #25; 1 Sam. South Woods Baptist Church, JAMES NISBET The Evangelical Quarterly70.1 (Jan.-Mar. The story of Saul (1 Sam 931) is one of the most pathetic accounts of Gods servants. The Death of Saul and Jonathan, Chapter 25. 1 Samuel 8:5-8 Was it wrong for the Israelites to ask for a king? This classic on 1 Kings is organized as follows: Introduction. The first book of Samuelby Ackroyd, Peter -The second book of Samuel : commentary. He was a child of prayer (1 Samuel 3:1-19); he brought victory to his people through prayer (1 Samuel 7:5-10); when the nation wanted a king, Samuel prayed unto the Lord (1 Samuel 8:6); intercessory prayer was the keynote of his life (1 Samuel 12:19-23).Eli was both judge and priest at this time. It is worth noting in this instance that the MacArthur Study Bible omits "mi. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a Written as a collection of studies to be read on Sunday mornings, John Cumming offers extensive commentary on books of Samuel with regard for Israel's covenant. The Gospels A free Bible Commentary on the First Book of Samuel in EasyEnglish. set done by 12 men selected for unusual ability to show the Bible is alive in biblical exposition, with spiritual refreshment and insight. 1 Samuel31:10 Who was Asherah / Ashtoreth? Each guide provides intriguing examinations of the whole of . 24:25). 1 Samuel1:18 Who was Elkanah in the Bible? As 1 Samuel begins, Israel was at a low point spiritually. Never Backs off from a formidable Challenge. Proverbs 1 Samuel14:37-45 What were the Urim and Thummim? The Gospels In this unique volume, you will find: Introductions and/or outlines for every Old Testament book Practical expositions of strategic chapters Special studies on key topics, relating the Old Testament to the New Testament Easy-to-understand expositions that arepractical, preachable,andteachable If you have used Dr. Wiersbe's popularBEseries, you know how simple and practical his Bible studies are, with outlines that almost teach themselves. 2 Thessalonians But let's get back to the primary thought of these studies. And, no, it is usually not a moral lesson. Should Christians be cremated? James Civilized nations have failed, as they were bound to do, and they always will fail as long as God is left out. Luke-Acts Disciple's Study Bible : New international version54 ratingsNot that helpful for verse by verse study. The Breach between Saul and David, Chapter 16. The Chief Shepherd in glory. we have found it to be effective and interesting.The British Quarterly Review. He did it because he wanted to clear out some of his old tools to make room for new ones. Worth checking! This first book that bears his name is a marvelous study in the place and power of prayer, illustrated from life. The stories retold in these books are of significant value didactically for this present age. In the second, he discusses in some detail prophets before Samuel, Samuel, monarchy prophets, and the writing prophets from the ninth century to post-exilic days. 1 Samuel From 9/11 to ??? The first is the Davidic Covenant. 13:9, 13, 14; 15:8, 9, 2023). Any Bible student will gain new insights through this one-volume commentary based on the timeless King James Version of the Bible. 1:128), to ca. The Spirit of the Lord came upon both Saul and David after their anointing as king (1 Sam. question. "And, after that, He (God) gave unto them judges about the space of four hundred and fifty years, until Samuel the prophet" - (Acts 13:20). Samuel, the King Maker (1 Samuel 1-7) - Samuel"name of God" is the meaning of his name.He was preeminently a man of prayer. It is commonly held that 1 and 2 Samuel present the prophets as ecstatic speakers with bizarre behavior just likethe pagan prophets of the other nations. 1Sa 17:38-40, 9. First published in 1887 as part of The Expositor's Bible, Desiring God's own heart-1 & 2 Samuel/1 Chronicles byArthur, Kay52 ratings, 1 & 2 Samuel : a self-study guidebyJensen, Irving. (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An annotated bibliography of selected works), A masterful exposition which unfolds the lessons David learned as a result of Gods dealing with him. Cyril J. Barber, PREACHER'S COMPLETE HOMILETICAL User reviews. The priesthood was corrupt (1 Sam. 26:1-25; Respect Plus Accountability:We are to respect those who have spiritual leadership roles in the church, but they must still be held accountable for irresponsible and sinful actions. He sees Saul as unsaved, having the Spirit on him but not in him (103).- Rosscup. Hosea 1 Samuel17:1214 Does the Bible mention David's mother? He was a choice young man in the prime of life when he was placed on the throne. In this study, John MacArthur guides readers through an in-depth look at this historical period beginning with the miraculous birth of Samuel, continuing through Saul's crowning as Israel's first king, and concluding with his tragic death. Spurgeon - Baptist minister of Birmingham [England] Sermons of the highest order upon a few incidents in Davids life. Spurgeon on Blaikie's related life of David: "Dr. Blaikie is a good writer. Religion is not just a matter of emotion but also of the will. The answer came back, It is discouragement. 6:6, 7). 4:37:2), idolatry was practiced (1 Sam. Fix it well in the mind - and the memory will easily retain it - that 1 Samuel is the book of the transition from the theocracy to the monarchy; and the book of the three remarkable men - Samuel, the last of the judges, Saul, the first of the Kings, and David, the greatest of the kings. 12:13), he still suffered the inevitable and devastating consequences of his sin (2 Sam. The United States has failed to meet this test, as well as all other nations. Titus Third, the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering men for divinely appointed tasks is evident. 1 Samuel; Principle #40; 1 Sam. 1 Samuel 1 The history of Samuel here begins as early as that of Samson did, even before he was born, as afterwards the history of John the Baptist and our blessed Saviour. The resemblance between Hannah's Song and that of Mary, the mother of Jesus, [is remarkable]. 2 Timothy At this moment of victory, it was all the more tempting to take the credit for himself. . 7:1215? It can be difficult to find a quality narrative Bible curriculum for teens and adults. The MacArthur Bible Study series is designed to help you study the Word of God with guidance from widely respected pastor and author John MacArthur. Makes Double sure the Enemy is Defeated. 29:29). Johannine Writings Saul was humble at first, but we find him becoming proud and disobedient to God. Through the influence of godly Samuel (1 Sam. Delightful to read devotionally but will also furnish the preacher with much to help in sermon preparation. it contains a vast amount of information, which ministers, Sunday-school teachers, and Bible classes may turn to good account.Christian World. 1 Samuel; Principle #13; 1 Sam. According to the Lords promise, this Messiah will come through the line of David and establish Davids throne forever (2 Sam. Links below are older so they may load somewhat slower. John Piper says that Horae Homileticae "is the best place to go for researching Simeon's theology. 1 Samuel; Principle #38; 1 Sam. This is a reference to the Messiah, the King who will triumph over the nations who are opposed to God (see Gen. 49:812; Num. 424 ratingsMultiple contributors to the comments which are often verse by verse. The events of 1 and 2 Samuel took place between the years ca. Here the hyenas stalk the sheep if they get separated from the shepherd. 1 Samuel 2:12 Who were Hophni and Phinehas? Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1950. Also, in relation to David, it is particularly evident that nothing can frustrate Gods plan to have him rule over Israel (1 Sam. 25:1, before the events associated with Davids reign even took place. 1 Samuel, Joseph Parker - People's Bible - Rosscup: This work, later called Preaching Through the Bible (Baker Book House), is rich in its applications and exhortations, though often not particularly helpful for the reader who is looking for exposition that stays right with the text. The First and Second Books of Kings: James Robertson Publication Date: 1902 Pages: 273. Lesson 2: From Ichabod to Ebenezer. 971 B.C., the last words of David (2 Sam. Samuel himself was a picture of our Saviour. 1 Samuel 2:22-25; 3:11-21 When Leaders Fail, 1 Samuel3:1-10, 15-4:1a Serving The Lord Faithfully, 1 Samuel4:3-5, 10, 20-22; 5:1-4; 6:19-21 When Religion Fails, 1 Samuel 7:2-14 Trusting In The Lord Alone, 1 Samuel8:4-6; 10:20-24; 12:13-15,20-23 Seek God's Guidance, 1 Samuel 8:6-9; 12:13-19, 12:20-25 God Is Still In Control When I Make Poor Choices, 1 Samuel13:5,7b-13b;15:7-11,22-23 Carry Out Given Instructions, 1 Samuel13:8-14; 16:6-10, 16:11-13 The Power Of Choice, 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Embrace God's Perspective, 1 Samuel 17:8-11, 17: 32-39, 17:45-47 The Power Of Courage, 1 Samuel 17:17-20, 28-2, 33-39, 45-47, 49-51, 1 Samuel17:17-20 , 28-29, 33-39, 45-47, 49-51, 1 Samuel 18; 19; 2 Cultivate Godly Friendships, 1 Samuel 24:1-7a, 11-12, 16-22Conform To God's Agenda, 1 Samuel24:20-22; 26:1-2, 7-12, 21-25 The Power Of Loyalty, 1 Samuel 2:1-10The Song of Hannah, Israels Incomparable God, 1 Samuel 2:11 3:1A Contrast in Priests- Samuel and the Sons of Eli, 1 Samuel 5:1-12Gentiles in the Hands of a Holy God, 1 Samuel 6:1-21How to Approach The Great King, 1 Samuel 7:1-17The Turning of a Nations History, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings - Old Testament Studies- Being the Lessons Given at Various Union Bible, The Book of First Samuel - The Divine Kingdom in Human Hands, 1 Samuel 16-31 God King Chosen, Anointed, and Victorious; but Rejected and Exiled, Kingdoms of the Lord. tim jackman brisbane,